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New Opportunities of the Times

In the new era, the revitalization of Northeast China has received high attention from the country. Northeast China has ushered in a new opportunity for development, with rapid development of medical equipment, medicine, and health industries.


Large market demand

With the development of medical technology, there is a need to upgrade hospital equipment. At the same time, China, especially Northeast China, is increasingly aging, creating new demand for medical equipment procurement and selection.


Strong location advantage

Due to Liaoning's advantages in economic size and geographical location, it has a certain leading and radiating role in the northeast region. This has created business opportunities for enterprises to expand and cover the markets of the Northeast China at the Shenyang International Medical Equipment Fair.


High exhibition value

Shenyang International Medical Equipment Fair fully integrates the participation of associations, hospitals, enterprises, distributors, media, and other parties. During the exhibition, policy work seminars, academic forums, and new product technology exchanges will be held.